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Divorce Lawyers in Windham CountyFor those who are ready to move onto the next chapter of their life, call on the most reliable of divorce lawyers in Windham County-Pamela Bacharach. Bacharach has traveled the same road as many of the hundreds of clients she has successfully represented over 32 years. A mother of two, her sympathy is strong with families facing this challenging time.

Divorce proceedings can expose people to scenarios and situations they never planned on facing. Questions on what to do with finances, property, the legality of relationships with children can be overwhelming and consuming. With Pamela, not only do you get a compassionate and understanding attorney, but a fierce and determined court warrior willing to go the distance for the best outcome imaginable.

One of the questions a client might have could be one of debts and assets: essentially, who is responsible for what? Certain factors the courts consider when the court divides assets are:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Causes for the breakdown in marriage
  • Age
  • Health
  • Occupation
  • Source(s) of income
  • Vocational skills
  • Future employability

The question of alimony may also come into play. There is a statute in Connecticut that directs the court, when determining alimony, to consider the length of the marriage, the difference in income of the parties, the education of the parties, health and station of the parties, the employability of the parties, and other sources of income. Bacharach will gladly guide you through these proceedings, keeping you in the conversation every step of the way.

Credentials and Honors of Divorce Lawyers in Windham County

Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington DC.

American University, B.S. 1985
Suffolk University Law School J.D. 1988

Pamela is a founding member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers’ Association Women’s Law Caucus, and active in the Connecticut Trial Lawyers’ Association, and has lectured at Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association seminars for lawyers and staff on various topics. Pamela has also been an active member of the Connecticut Bar Association for years and currently holds a seat on the House of Delegates for the Connecticut Bar Association.

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If you are someone who needs more information about consultation involving divorce lawyers in Windham County, call on Pamela today to learn the options you have and what the decision will mean for you and your family going forward.

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