Restraining Orders

Restraining OrdersContact Pamela to learn more about getting restraining orders in Eastern Connecticut.  Many people have an estranged relationship that could be harmful if the disputes come to a head in person.

If you are going through the enormous stress and fear caused by an abusive spouse or ex-spouse, it is important to find legal protection from experienced attorneys with a high level of integrity. Orders of protection are often necessary to protect people involved in domestic violence or spousal abuse from further harm. While a restraining order may not stop an abuser, it does provide a pathway to have them arrested and face criminal charges if the order is violated. Additionally, the laws involving restraining orders in Eastern Connecticut, provide for protection of minor children and family pets as well, in an application for a restraining order. We pride ourselves on our personal, proactive approach to being your advocate.

Attorney Pamela S. Bacharach will personally handle your matter. The lawyer you meet with in our office is the very same person who will devise and execute your strategy. She will be your voice at every meeting, deposition, and court appearance, and she is backed by a powerful team and she is ready to fight for you.

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When faced with violence or domestic abuse, or if you have been accused of abuse, you may feel you have nowhere to turn. You do. Our Firm will be your capable counsel for guidance. Experience counts in difficult situations and we are highly experienced in representing both victims and defendants of protection from harassment and abuse, both for individuals and for clients of other attorneys.