Parental Rights

parental rights in Eastern ConnecticutFor families who need consultation on parental rights in Eastern Connecticut, Bacharach Law is here to protect your family. The most difficult part about sharing a child with a partner you have separated from is balancing time and maintaining the relationship you are entitled to. Pamela Bacharach is happy to guide clients of Eastern Connecticut towards healthier relationships, tolerance, and compromise through the legal channels available. This could mean assistance with visitation rights and shared custody.

Under Connecticut state law, both the mother and the child’s father have the legal right to seek custody of the child and/or visitation time with the child. At the beginning of a child custody case, both the mother and the father are treated equally and have equal rights. During the case, a judge will gauge the “best interest” to guide their decision-making. The decision will place the child with the most capable and willing parent to care for them. While traditionally, mothers have been granted custody of their child, modern cases are seeing more and more fathers win primary custody.

If you’re a family that needs guidance with parental rights in Eastern Connecticut- Pamela Bacharach is the support you can count on. She will be your voice at every meeting, deposition, and court appearance, and she is backed by a powerful team and she is ready to fight for you. Use this form to reach out to our team today and our staff will get back to you as soon as we can.