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Divorce Lawyers in Thompson CTDivorce attorney Pamela Bacharach is the answer to your search for divorce lawyers in Thompson, CT. Bacharach is highly regarded as one of the most reliable and knowledgeable attorneys in the Eastern Connecticut region. She’s been practicing family cases and divorce matters for over thirty years, and she’s ready to be your voice through legal proceedings and move on with your life.

As a divorced mother of two herself, Pamela understands what you’re experiencing right now. The worries about your children, paying the bills, dividing property you once shared, and what your future will be like. She will have full compassion and empathy for all of your concerns, but when representing you in a courtroom, she will be as tough as necessary to protect your interests.


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With her years of experience practicing divorce cases in the state of Connecticut, Pamela knows how to argue your case and what to expect. She’s been helping clients through both simple and complex divorce cases…she understands how to represent your position on child support and alimony, child custody and visitation, property division, restraining orders, and post-judgment modifications.

Pamela Bacharach will fight for what is rightfully yours, including reaching settlement on matters of debt built up by your ex-spouse. She will be ready for everything on every legal factor that matters in Connecticut courts: the length of the marriage, why it broke down, the age of both parties, your employment ability and sources of income, and much more.

Pamela has been through what you’re going through, and she fully understands the emotion and worry that you’re experiencing. If you are a Thompson resident who wants to get on with your life, contact Pamela today or use the form below to get started. It’s time for you to move forward. Pamela Bacharach can help.

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