Divorce Lawyers in Sterling, CT

Divorce Lawyers in Sterling CTAttorney Pamela Bacharach is your experienced choice for divorce lawyers in Sterling. She assists people in your situation throughout Eastern Connecticut, and is considered one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate divorce attorneys in the region. Pamela has been representing clients in divorce matters for over three decades, and is ready to be your legal voice through the proceedings and go forward in your life.

Pamela knows what you’re going through…she is a divorced mother of two herself. She fully understands your stress in this difficult period of your life, and your concerns about your children, your bills, the division of property you worked so hard for, and your future. Pamela will listen to your concerns with the empathy of someone who has been there, but she will be equally as tough when representing your interests in front of a judge.

Divorce Lawyers in Sterling – Bacharach Law Services

With her years of experience in Connecticut divorce cases both simple and complex, Pamela Bacharach knows what to expect and how to argue your side. She knows how to fight for your rights when it comes to alimony and child support payments, child custody and visitation, division of property accumulated over the course of the marriage, restraining orders, and modifications after the fact.

Pamela will zealously represent you on every legal aspect of your divorce, including what is rightfully yours regarding assets and debt accrued by your partner. She knows what to consider in Connecticut law regarding the divorce – the length of the marriage, the cause of its demise, your employment and sources of income, and your future salary expectations.

Pamela Bacharach knows what you’re experiencing, and she knows all of the emotions you’re going through. If you are a Sterling resident seeking a capable and experienced divorce attorney to get through this and move on, reach out to Pamela today or use the below form to share your information. She can help you get past this difficult time and live your life again.

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