The Recent Increase of Young Female Divorcees

The Recent Increase of Young Female Divorcees

Although generally, divorce rates are down across the board, there is a new trend developing involving the recent increase in young female divorcees. Twenty somethings are realizing that they have rushed into marriage before they were ready or have married the wrong man. Forty percent of brides who marry between the ages of 20 and 25 can anticipate divorce as compared to 27% of those who wait until they are older. According to relationship counselors, there seems to be an increase in the number of confident, smart, successful women who appear to be motivated to get married as soon as possible. These independent, self-assured types of women do not think they need a man to be happy, they just want to live their best life and have it all. Additionally, there appears to be several causes and subtle forces that affect these young women in their decision to marry.

About the Recent Increase of Young Female Divorcees

The first force can be categorized as, too much too soon. The media, on TV and through celebrity gossip, covers young female 20something celebrities happily announcing their engagements. These stars subtle and often subconsciously send the message that if a young woman is not married by the age of 25, she is somehow failing. This fear of falling behind some marriage schedule causes rushed marriages that often end in divorce.

The second force that has added to this trend is that the lines between the real world and Hollywood are more blurred these days. With the increase of reality shows, 24-hour entertainment channels, and websites and tweets directly from celebrities, fans are more likely to expect their own relationships to mirror Hollywood romance than years ago. As a result, some young women crave what these young stars have until it starts to fall apart.

Finally, these bright young women may be losing focus on love. Trying to achieve whole-life success before the age of 30, whether you are famous or not, does not allow for enough time to build a true romantic relationship that works. In other words, the focus on love is lost when finding the right man to marry becomes something to check off on a to-do list.