Custody of the Pet

custody of the pet

Weather you’re talking about fur, scales, feathers, or hair all pet owners can agree: sometimes our family goes beyond our own species. Our pets are such a big piece of our lives that a separation can present an even further conflict when deciding who gets custody of the pet.

Connecticut divorce law currently treats pets as personal property, and therefore, unless specific arrangements are made in an agreement or judgment concerning custody of the pet, there are no laws to protect your rights where the dog or pet is involved. Therefore, if the parties can not come to terms with who will keep the dog, you will need to include a settlement agreement that covers the care and custody of the pet.

If a judge finds the agreement to be fair, he or she can make it a part of the final divorce decree, which can be enforced under law. If the parties cannot agree on the care and custody of their pet, they could end up in a nasty, expensive dispute, and you may be called upon to prove you are the legal owner, not just the better caregiver, in order to win. That is because the pet is considered personal property, just like the TV. If keeping the family pet(s) is something that is important to you when divorcing, we at Bacharach Law Firm will make it important in your agreement and final judgment.