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Bacharach Law Firm, LLC provides legal services in the area of family law and personal injury litigation. We pride ourselves on our personal, proactive approach to being your advocate.


Your Voice: Aggressive. Persistent. Effective.


Attorney Pamela S. Bacharach will personally handle your matter. The lawyer you meet with in our office is the very same person who will devise and execute your strategy. She’ll be your voice at every meeting, deposition, and court appearance. She’s backed by a powerful team, and she’s ready to fight.


Family Matters.


We assist people in all aspects of divorce, from the simplest case to the more complex matters involving the issues of custody, child support, visitation, alimony, property division, restraining orders, as well as post judgment modifications.


Going through a divorce is difficult no matter what the circumstances. Attorney Bacharach has traveled the same road as many of the hundreds of clients she has successfully represented over the past 22 years. A single mother of two young children, she knows the stresses and concerns involved in this emotional time. As compassionate as Pam Bacharach is when you are working together on your case, she is equally as tough when it comes to fighting for you in court.


Strength for the Fallen


We also help people who have been victims of an accident or malpractice and are injured. We are experienced in the areas of automobile and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, wrongful death, slip and fall, and dog bite injuries.


Being injured through the fault of another entitles you to compensation in the form of monetary damages. Attorney Bacharach understands how insurance companies operate as she began her career in the area of insurance defense. Thereafter she began work as Plaintiffs’ counsel where her litigation experience and tenacity enable her to obtain successful results on behalf of her numerous clients. If you or a loved one have a serious and legitimate injury, caused by the negligence of another, and don’t know which way to turn for help, contact the Bacharach Law Firm. We have years of experience pursuing injury of death cases which arrive from accident, medical malpractice, defective products, slip and fall, dog bite, or some other type of accident. We charge no fees or expenses unless we win a recovery for you.


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