Divorce Lawyers New in London County

Divorce Lawyers New in London CountyIf you need guidance on legal separation, reach out to Pamela Bacharach, the most reliable of the divorce lawyers in New London County. Bacharach helps clients with the legal process of working through a divorce regarding the issues of custody, child support, visitation, alimony, property division, restraining orders, as well as post-judgment modifications.

The state of Connecticut is considered an equitable distribution state- meaning the marital assets are divided in a manner which the courts determine is equitable to the parties. The courts will factor in aspects like the length of the marriage, causes for the breakdown in marriage, the age, health, occupation, source(s) of income, vocational skills, and future employability before deciding assets.

As compassionate as Pam Bacharach is when you are working together on your case, she is equally as tough when it comes to fighting for you in court. A prior single mother of two young children, she knows the stresses and concerns involved in this emotional time.

Credentials of Divorce Lawyers New in London County

Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington DC.

American University, B.S. 1985
Suffolk University Law School J.D. 1988

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If you are someone who needs more information about consultation involving divorce in New London County, call on Pamela today to learn the options you have and what the decision will mean for you and your family going forward.