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Divorce Lawyers in New London, CTIf you’re going through a divorce, and want an attorney who personally knows the emotional and financial challenges of divorce, consider Pamela Bacharach. She is your experienced answer for divorce lawyers in new London, CT. Pam’s rare blend of compassion and effectiveness is exactly what you need to navigate this life-changing experience.

At Bacharach Law, Pamela and her staff understand the impact of divorce, whether or not you have minor children involved. You’ll get sound, legally compliant advice on today’s overwhelming decisions and what Pamela knows lies ahead.

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Pamela Bacharach is a Connecticut family law expert and founding member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association’s Women’s Caucus. As a parent and divorcee, Pamela’s had the same all-consuming thoughts and feelings you’re likely having now, especially about custody and co-parenting. Balancing current needs and anticipating changes as your children grow is essential.

Pamela fiercely advocates for protecting your rightful share of marital assets under Connecticut’s property, alimony, and support laws. She also protects your pre-marital assets, like inheritances or previous savings. A less knowledgeable lawyer might leave you financially vulnerable, compromising your bank balances and quality of life.

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You Might Need Help, Even if You’re Not Divorcing

An unsafe or abusive home is terrifying. At Bacharach Law, we’ll help secure restraining orders and clarify your parental rights early, even if divorce isn’t realistic yet. Pamela Bacharach defends you, your family, and your rights with intense commitment and genuine care.

Legal challenges can be unnerving, but you’ll get through them with Pamela’s sharp expertise. Whether you’re just starting divorce proceedings or already embroiled in a difficult custody dispute, make Pamela your caring attorney, advocate, and navigator for the changes ahead.

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