Divorce Lawyers in New Britain, CT

Divorce Lawyers in New Britain, CTAttorney Pamela Bacharach is your answer when you’re seeking divorce lawyers in New Britain, CT. Bacharach has been practicing divorce and family law cases for over 30 years, with over 15 years in her own firm in Willimantic. She has successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout Windham and Hartford Counties, and she knows how to protect what is rightfully yours in a Connecticut courtroom. Pam is a divorced mother of two herself, and she knows exactly what you’re going through in this difficult time.

On your wedding day, you probably never dreamed things would get to this point. None of us ever do. But all too often things happen that cause a marriage to break down. A spouse may become unfaithful, uncaring, or even abusive. Your partner may not care about mounting debt or problems with the children that a parent should be facing. Whatever the reasons, your marriage has gone beyond the point of no return, and now it’s time to break up and move on.

Even if you are better off in the end, divorce can still be a painful process, especially with the legal concerns. With everything you’re facing, you should discuss your situation with an attorney face to face, and that attorney should know how to best to be your advocate in a Hartford County court. Everything needs to be settled in a manner that’s best for you and your children…including division of assets, child support, alimony, even restraining orders.

An Experienced New Britain Area Divorce Attorney

Your divorce lawyer should be someone with the experience and knowledge to understand how the courts work, and in what to expect from the other side. Pamela Bacharach has years of experience in family courts representing her clients, and she knows how to help you achieve the best outcome. She will personally meet with you in your initial consultation, and fully discuss everything about your situation. She works with you on the best strategy and zealously fights for you in court proceedings.

See why Pamela Bacharach is the answer to your search for divorce lawyers in New Britain. Contact her today or use the form below to ask for a consultation. Pamela has been there and understands your needs, and she can help you get through this and get on with your life.

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