Divorce Lawyers in Granby, CT

Divorce Lawyers in Granby, CTAs any family law expert or anyone who has been through the pain of divorce can tell you, experience matters in the courtroom. Experience is important when it comes to preparing your case, knowing what the other side is going to do, understanding state divorce laws, and what to expect from the local courts and judges. Pamela Bacharach is your experienced choice for divorce lawyers in Granby, CT…she’s been representing divorce clients for over 30 years, both in her own Willimantic-based practice and in larger firms.

Pamela is not just an established divorce attorney in the Hartford County region. She has been where you are, and is a divorced former single mother of two children herself. She knows everything you’re going through from her own experience…and she understands all of your concerns about your children, your finances, and starting a new chapter in your life. Pamela Bacharach has been through the whole experience, and she knows what you need from a divorce attorney.

Pamela will listen compassionately to your story, work with you on a strategy, and will be there for you in every disposition, meeting and court appearance. She can handle every aspect of your divorce, including how to proceed with child custody and visitation rights, alimony payments, even domestic abuse claims and restraining orders if needed. She will be there for you with post-judgment modifications as well.

Pamela Bacharach knows what Connecticut state courts are looking for and what the state’s divorce laws entail, and how to prepare for what the other side will do.

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If you are beyond the point of reconciliation in your marriage, and have decided to move on, Pamela is ready for you with the experience and knowledge you need, both on a personal and professional level. Contact us today for your initial consultation, and tell us your story. Pamela Bacharach is your easy choice for divorce lawyers in Granby – she will fight zealously for what is yours.