Divorce Lawyers in Barkhamstead, CT

Divorce Lawyers in Barkhamstead, CTFamily law experts and people who have been through it would all agree that when it comes to divorce law, experience matters. The value of both personal and professional experience comes into play in preparing an argument, predicting the other side’s tactics, and knowledge of state laws and what courts expect. Attorney Pamela Bacharach has represented clients in divorce and family law matters for over 30 years, both in her own practice and for a larger firm. She’s your experienced choice for divorce lawyers in Barkhamstead, CT.

Pamela hasn’t just represented many clients in divorce cases; she’s also been through the divorce process herself and is a former single mother of two. She has been through it all too, and she fully understands everything you’re experiencing right now…from your concerns about your children and finances, to the stress of starting a new life. Pamela Bacharach has been there, and she’s here to help you get through the process and move forward.

In your consultation, Pamela will hear your side of the story, work with you on a strategy, and will be there with you in each disposition, court appearance and meeting. She has the background of many years in the Connecticut system to handle all of the different aspects of your case, from alimony payments to child custody to domestic abuse claims, and even restraining orders. Pamela knows what the judges and courts expect, she is well familiar with the state’s divorce laws, and she knows how to prepare for the opposition’s tactics.

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If you are in a marriage that is beyond reconciliation, and you’ve decided to move on, Pamela Bacharach is ready to help you with the background and experience you need. Contact her office today to request a consultation, and let Pamela be your choice in experienced divorce lawyers in Barkhamstead. She is ready to represent you and protect what is rightfully yours.