Divorce Lawyers in Avon, CT

Divorce Lawyers in Avon, CTThe Bacharach Law Firm in Willimantic is here to be your choice for divorce lawyers in Avon, CT. Pamela Bacharach has been practicing family law and representing divorce clients for over 30 years, both as part of a larger firm and in her own practice.

Pamela has built a strong reputation in Willimantic where her home office is, but she’s well used to driving all over Connecticut too. She has spent several years practicing family law and personal injury cases beyond Willimantic and across the region.

Our Avon Divorce Law Services

Pamela and her team are ready to represent you in multiple aspects of your divorce case, including:

Finalizing The Divorce. Pamela will represent your side of the story when it comes to matters of alimony, child support, property division and post judgements. In her years of practice in Connecticut state divorce laws, she has learned what the laws look for, and what courts expect. Her experience makes her a zealous advocate for what is rightfully yours.

Child Custody. In the state of Connecticut, child custody is determined on a case by case basis, and courts make decisions based on what they feel is best for the welfare of the child. Pamela can help you make an effective case for your capability as a parent, and why you are best suited to care for your child.

Restraining Orders. Being fearful of an abusive ex is a great source of stress, and Pamela can provide your legal guidance and help you to obtain a restraining order for your protection. Restraining orders don’t always stop abusers, but they provide recourse to have that abuser arrested and charged.

If you and your spouse have reached the point of irreconciliation and have decided to end the marriage, move forward with Pamela Bacharach and her team today. Pamela is the answer to your search for divorce lawyers in Avon – contact us here to request your initial consultation and get started with the next chapter of your life.