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The Recent Increase of Young Female Divorcees

Although generally, divorce rates are down across the board, there is a new trend developing involving the rise in young female divorcees.  Twenty something’s are realizing that they have rushed into marriage before they were ready or have married the wrong man.   Forty percent of brides who marry between the ages of 20 and 25...


Dogs in Domestic Violence

Pets are many times the silent victims of domestic violence.  They can not fight back and research has shown that up to 71% of battered women report their pet was harmed or killed by their partners.  In October 2007, Governor Jodi Rell, signed into effect a law which permits courts to issue orders of protection...


Take the car – I want the dog

Connecticut divorce law currently treats pets as personal property and therefore, unless specific arrangements are made in an agreement or judgment concerning the pet, there are no laws to protect your rights where the dog or pet is involved.  Therefore, if the parties can not come to terms with who will keep the dog, you...


Dog Bites

These days, people treat in an emergency room approximately 800,000 times per year because of dog bite injuries.  Many of the dog bites involve children.   There is a strict liability law in Connecticut which holds a dog’s owner or keeper liable for any damage caused by their dog to a person’s body or property.  Unless...